Contest !! The Swipe Fans Win Swipe Tablet !! Exhibit Magazine

CONTEST TIME!! Here is your chance to win a 'SWIPE TABLET'. Participate in 'The Swipe Fans contest', answer 6 simple questions and 1 lucky winner gets a 'SWIPE TABLET'

The Swipe Fans Contest!

Participate in this fun contest, answer some simple questions and you could be a winner! 
SWIPE MTV SLASH - the 7” slimmest, lightest and fastest calling tablet PC is up for grabs...
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Who is the CEO of Swipe Telecom? *

Answer : Mr. Shripal Gandhi

Which of these is not a Swipe Fablet? *

Answer : Volt 1000

How many Tablet PCs has Swipe launched in India? *

Answer : 12

Which channel has Swipe partnered with? *
Answer : MTV

What anniversary did Exhibit magazine complete in 2013? *

Answer : 8th

What is the tagline of Exhibit Magazine? *

Answer : Where Tech Meets Lifestyle

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