Claim My Sthan Rajasthan Contest

Claim My Sthan Rajasthan Contest Win Exciting Prizes

Claim My Sthan Contest in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is full of enchanting places, sights and activities. Claim the one that appeals to you and win exciting prizes, Are you Rajasthan? Are you Visitor? Are You Tourist? Can you Explain about your spot city and claim why to this city of Rajasthan wander of Rajasthan and Explore to Rajasthan, Rajasthan is Most Liked Place For Tourist In India, its Awesome State of India, Every City of Rajasthan have Wander Jaipur Ajmer Jodhpur Bikaner Kota Dolpur, Nagaur, and More.

Claim Most Wander City its is Rajasthan Nagaur
1. Jubba Sharif, Role, Nagaur (Rajasthan) 
(Jubba of Islamic prophet Muhammad) Only One Place In India
2. 2nd Largest Sufi Shahab Urs, Nagaur (Rajasthan)
3. Sai Ka Tanka, Nagaur Rajasthan
3. Butati Dhaam Kuchera, Nagaur Rajasthan
4. Marble City, Makrana, Nagaur Rajasthan
( Taj Mahal Making By This Makrana Marble) this amazing knowledge its wander of Nagaur, World Wander Taj Mahal Making via Makrana Marble,
4. Merta City Only India Have One Temple of Meera Mandir ( Khrishna Gods Lovers)
5. Veer Teja Ji, Jaat Cast Religion King Maker, Karnal, Nagaur Rajasthan
6. Dhadhich Braming Kool Devi Dhadhmati Mata Mandir, Got Manglod, Nagaur Rajasthan
7. Khinvsar Fort Sand Hunt, vaction , Khinvsar, Nagaur Rajasthan
8. Amer Shingh Fort, Nagaur Rajasthan
9. 2nd Largest Catle Fair, Nagaur Rajasthan
10. Plaster (gisum) No. 1 Exporter
and moare
Now explorer to the world that we have jubba mubarak in nagaur and also get prize from govt of rajasthan

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Claim Sthan Rajasthan Contest
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