OnePlus LOOP VR Headset

Amazon Exclusive OnePlus LOOP VR Headset Buy Only Rs 1

Amazon Exclusive OnePlus Buy Only Rs 1

onePlus loop VR headset to fully appreciate the OnePlus 3 launch in all of its celestial glory, you're going to want a state of the art VR headset. don't worry we've got you covered you can now get this futuristic headset for  Only Rs on 3rd jun and 7th Jun 2016 shipping charges extra will be applicable
Loop VR turns your smartphone into a prorate 360* 3D theater and there's no disposable cardboard here the headset is built out of robust materials for the ultimate visual experience. always share best deal or Exclusive from Amazon Online Shopping web. For a distortion-free field of view, lenses can be Fine tuned for a perfect focus. comfort is the name of the game thanks to adjustable straps and snug inner-pdding the loop VR fits comfortably over glasses so that everyone can join the party.

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