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Ruskin Bond Giveaway Contest Win an Autographed Ruskin Bond Book Bundle

Ruskin Bond Giveaway From Vivilio

This is a giveaway that every true-blue book lover would hate to miss! Always Shared Online Free Giveaway or Contest Today our team Shared Ruskin Bond Giveaway on 83 Birthday of Ruskin Bond

To celebrate Ruskin Bond's 82nd birthday on May 19th, we're giving away 3 book bundles of 5 books each to 3 very lucky readers. What's more, one of the books - The Writer on The Hill - is signed by the author himself.

The contest begins on 18th May and will go on till May 20th. 3 days, 3 winners. Will YOU be the lucky one

Win an autographed Ruskin Bond book bundle!
3 lucky winners each get a bundle of 5 books

Follow instructions on widget below. Enter now, clock is ticking!

What do I win?

3 winners will each be sent a book bundle of 5 books each, one of whichThe Writer on the Hill, will be signed by the author.

The Whistling Schoolboy and Other Stories of School Life
Stories Short & Sweet
Tales and Legends from India
The Writer on the Hill: The Very Best of Ruskin Bond
The Essential Collection for Young Readers
How can I win?

Follow the instructions in the contest widget and answer simple questions.
Gain max points possible by entering all the options given for entering the contest and INCREASE your chance of WINNING!
Each referral gives you 3 extra points maximising your chances of winning. So refer to all your friends!!! (but do it via the contest widget only or we won't be able to track it).
What are the rules?

The contest will run from 18th May 2016 to 20th May 2016.
The contest is open to all residents of India.
The winners will be declared by May 25th 2016.
If a contestant earns entries through invalid email ids, we will cancel their participation. Such contestants will be eliminated from the contest.

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