Lucky Draw For Silver

Lucky Draw For Silver Coin 20 gram Silver Coin every Monday

Lucky Draw Contest Win silver coin FREE

Login Every Monday And Try your Luck You win Free Silver coin Every Monday. Always Share Awesome contest This Time You just Login And try your Luck you win freebie 
20 grm Silver coin Participant can win one 10 gram Silver Coin twice a day. However if he continues to login twice every day for a week he is eligible to win in a Weekly Contest of 20 gram Silver Coin Winners will be announced twice every day at 4:30 PM and 11:30 PM

Participant can also have a chance to win 20 gram Silver Coin every Monday

There is only one prize per competition and all prizes are offered in good faith. It is recognized that at times genuine mistakes can occur. If a mistake has occurred, then the management, in its sole discretion can either award the prize to the person(s) who in their view was the original winner of the competition or alternately ask the contestants to play again

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