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Giveaway - Jim Corbett Birthday 

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We are giving away 5 copies of Critically acclaimed book  The Jim Corbett Omnibus  to 5 Lucky Winners. Simply Enter follow setup to win  About the prize book
Jim Corbett's tales of tiger hunts are legendary. Mostly alone, he would traverse the hills and jungles of India, hunting his quarry using blood trails, examining pug marks and following broken twigs and branches, often putting himself at risk. Later, he became a conservationist, taking up the cause of the endangered royal Bengal tiger. Read a selection of his best stories, all in a single volume, with an introduction by Ruskin Bond.

About Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett was a British-Indian hunter and tracker-turned-conservationist, author and naturalist. He deeply empathized with the poor locals living in Uttarakhand and was well-known as a humanitarian. Though his books are mostly about his experiences tracking and killing man-eating beasts, he spent his later years lecturing groups of schoolchildren about their natural heritage and the need to conserve forests and their wildlife.

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