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Participate Best & Worst Excuse Contest Make Video Your Excuse Idea and upload to win Have you ever made such a lame excuse you felt ashamed of yourself for days and weeks afterwards? Or such a stupid excuse you thought it would never work, but it did!? Share a short video of your craziest, dumbest, wildest, and WORST excuses right here on Indi. The person who racks up the most "Buzz points" wins 6,000 Rs! Submit your video using the link on this page, keep it short and awesome! Then, promote your Indi video heavily on social media by SHARING FROM THE INDI SITE to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to rack up "Buzz points".. Get your family & friends to do the same to help spotlight you!!! View counts and the number of times your video is "Liked" & "Favorited" counts as well.. INDI tracks it all!!

Done with all that? Great! Now make sure to watch our new episode called "Worst Excuses Ever" and keep telling your friends to share your video and watch ours

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