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Janatha Garage Contest Win Free Smartphone, Bag, Movie Tickets, T-shirt Pen Drive And More

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About Janatha Garage Contest
1. Play Anywhere : Available on Desktop & Mobile web.
2. Free to Play : It’s Free! To play, all you need is to sign up.
3. A Chance for Everyone : It doesn't matter if you come later in the game, you always have a chance to win. MaalFreeKaa.in Always share best online contest on fastest this contest only able here.
Participate Contest Assured Prize Win its Call only Loyalty Contest for our viewer most amazing way to chance amazing prize you won. Welcome to the ‘Janatha Garage’ Loyalty Contest. Participate in Contest, Trivia Quizzes, Treasure Hunts and lots more. Be the first to unlock Exclusive Movie Content, Win Official Merchandise and Exciting Grand Prizes. What are you waiting for, join the fun

Sign-up & participate in the contest to win grand prizes by securing an enviable rank in the top 1000 contestants. A lucky draw will decide as to who gets the chance to pose alongside NTR for a photo. Also if you are lucky enough, you will win the Janatha Garage bag used by the Young Tiger. What's more is that the first three rankers of the leaderboard will win smartphones every weekend till the movie releases. Lastly, win the Stylish outfit used by the star by topping the leaderboard

Prize What You Won
1. Photo with NTR
2. Free Janatha Garage Bag
3. NTR Look at Janatha Garage
4. Smartphone

Instant Win after sign up 
1. NTR Free T-Shirt
2. Movie Vouchers.
3. Pen Drive Themes of Janatha Garage

Plant Selfie Contest 
Plant a tree sapling and upload a ‘selfie’ with the planted tree. Once uploaded, share it on your social networks with the hashtag #JanathaGarageChallenge and challenge three of your friends by tagging them. Follow this up by requesting all your friends and family members to “Like” your selfie on www.Janathagarage.com. Remember, the more the number of likes your ‘selfie’ gets, the higher are your chances to win the contest. So, get started now!
Top 15 selfies with highest number of likes will get movie merchandize

Charity  Contest
Donate Rs 1000 to charity and you may win NTRȉs bullet from Janatha Garage Movie.

How To Play All Contest
1. Sign up With Janatha Garage Contest Click Here
2. Collect mobiles by doing simple activities or getting codes
3. Improve your collection to get more points for the Grand Prizes
4. Find the special items to get the Instant Wins

Get Extra Point Register Via This & We Share you 100 Point Code Also Like Facebook Page and Twitter Follow comment or tweet there with #MaalFreeKaa Join Loyalty Contest Please Given Me 100 More Point.

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