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Play And Win Panda Games 2016 Win  MI fitness Bands & Cash Vouchers

Panda Game 2016 Contest Play And Win

Quiz Online Contest, Panda Game 2016 Play And Win Take the quiz, Food Panda Ask Olympic Game Related Question just guess right with option and win leave your contact, enjoy 
Rs 75 off voucher your order and participate in our raffle! FoodPanda Present This Contest Awesome Game Just Answer Simple Quiz And Chance To Win Amazing Prizes.

What You Win Prize :
From the 5th until the 21st August participants of the quiz will receive a flat Rs 75 off voucher for your next order (minimum order value Rs 100 and limited to 10 vouchers per day).
All participants of the quiz will also get a Travel Triangle voucher of Rs 1000.
Every submission will grant the participation in the giveaway of 5 MI fitness bands.

Take the quiz online contest with Panda Game 2016 and win amazing prizes. Rio Olympic Game 2016 Contest based on Question 

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