SCAM ALERT Page of "Manglam's Aananda" By YOGITA BAID

This Report Submitted by Yogita Baid
They are not following there own rules. 
In there Terms & Conditions it is clearly mentioned that 
Daily 5 winners & 5 runner-ups will be chosen, who will be declared on next day of contest. And 
One Grand Winner will be announced daily. 

This contest was held from11.07.2016 to 17.07.2016 Total 6 days and 6 Question.
In total 30 winners + 30 runner-Ups winners to be chosen as per their T&C daily 10 winners. 
But at last end of the contest they have declared 9 winners and 10 Runners Up In Total.
Grand Winner Declared - Pramod Kumar 
which is chosen wrong and selected by admin himself because Pramod played for 1 or 2 days only and also the Answer of the Question is Spelled wrong and he is selected as Grand Winner how strange ? 

I just want to say stop conducting this type of fake contest and stop fooling all social media users as they are giving maximum times for promotion of your page don't play with peoples emotions. change your decision for Grand winner selection and Declare all rest of the winners in total 60.

Else Legal action will be taken as per the law Indian Penal Code,1860 

section 415, 416, 417 will be charged as per fooling and acknowlegde of cheating in social media Official Facebook page

This Page Reported Cheating with Contest Player on Facebook Page Report by Yogita Baid. Just More Detail read about this post Click Here

Thanks to Scam Alert Send Yogita Baid, You done Great Work, Many user Never Play like this type page please if you received any response mail us after our team update this post

Reader want to report any scam fraud, fake contest, fake winner, online shopping cheating please mail your report with prof at 
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