Selfie Contest Friendship Day

Selfie Contest Friendship Day

Just Selfie Online Contest on This Friendship Day Participate Now To win. There have been many Selfie-related deaths across the world. Selfies taken in life threatening situations, in a bid to capture thrilling moments can prove fatal. 
This Friendship Day, take a pledge to selfie responsibly and also save your selfie-crazy friends from dying because of a selfie.
Participate in our Friendship Day Selfie contest & win #SelfieToDieFor T-shirts. 

How To Play

1) Capture a RESPONSIBLE* selfie with your friend/s
2) Take a pledge on homepage, by uploading this selfie
3) You will see a notification to share on Facebook / Twitter. Go ahead & share using the hashtag #SelfieToDieFor
4) Get as many interactions (Likes / Comments / Re-tweets) as you can on this post

Participants with maximum number of interactions (Likes / Comments / Re-tweets) on Facebook and / or Twitter will get a super-cool SelfieToDieFor T-shirt. 

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