Lakme Fashon Week horrible experience (Resolve)

Lakme Fashon Week horrible experience - Report By Shreya Agarwal (Resolve)

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Report Posted By Shreya Agarwal (Resolve)

My horrible experience with Lakme Fashion week (with proofs attached) I’ll try to
 make it as brief as possible. This started in March when LFW held a Twitter contest, wherein I won an outfit by Indigene. I was overjoyed and told everyone around me that I was expecting a designer outfit. I inboxed them my details on Twitter, and on Instagram.
 I received no reply the whole of March. Finally, in April, they msgd me saying I’ll receive my prize 30 days post event. I had no choice but to wait in anticipation. May arrived, and I did not receive any reply or a prize. In June, they finally messaged me
 saying that the designer will send my prize soon and I would receive my prize within 2 weeks. Two weeks passed. On messaging them again, they said my prize will be dispatched the very next day. But as usual, I did not receive it. Then they stopped replying
 again the whole of June. On the 21st of July, I received a call from MANAV from LFW telling me that the prize had ‘lapsed’ and all they would be able to do now is give me passes to LFW and exclusive merchandise on my arrival to the event. No designer outfits
 could now be given. I had attended LFW earlier, and while I think I don’t have much to do there, I reluctantly agreed because I was awaiting the merchandise, and mainly because I had no other option. Manav told me he’ll mail me in August then, because the
 LFW would be from 24th-28th August. It was 16th August and I had received no mail from him. I mailed him and he said he’ll mail me over the weekend. That didn’t happen either. I mailed him again on the 22nd, when he asked me to come and collect the passes
 the same day. Note that he did not provide any venue details or phone number. Also, I asked why I had to come 2 days earlier and couldn’t come on the same day to collect the passes and merchandise. He said it was because he thought it’ll be easier for me if
 I got all the passes for all days together. So I suggested that I come on the 24th itself (the 1st day) and collect all passes. I also asked for his phone number over the same mail. On reaching the venue, Manav arrived and gave me only the passes for that
 day. He asked me to come back again the next day for passes to the next day and the merchandise too. Day 2 arrived. I called him up and told him I was reaching in 5 mins. He agreed. Despite that, he made me wait for 20 mins outside the venue and kept cutting
 my calls. When I met him, I took the passes for the day and suggested that I receive all the passes together because then I wouldn’t need to call him everyday. He said he couldn’t do that because he only gets the passes for the day every morning. This was
 in complete contrast to him calling me a day before the event for all passes! Nevertheless, I said I ddi not want to attend more shows as I was a doctor and asked him if I could get the merchandise promised to me. He said he’ll arrange for it by 4 pm. I even
 mentioned that I’ll have to call him up again at 4 pm, and he might be busy and cut my call. He retaliated with, “I always pick your call” and asked me to call him up. He also said he’ll leave a bag with my name if he’s unavailable. At 4 pm, I called him up
 and he cut my call. He msgd me back saying he was busy. I msgd him telling him I was waiting outside the event office till 4 30. He did not reply. I checked in with the office and there was no bag for me. I left at 4 30 pm, with no calls/msgs/mails after that.
 It’s disappointing how a big respectable brand like LFW can be so disrespectful. This has been going on way too long now (almost half a year) and they have been constantly toying with my expectations. Besides, the cutting of calls and the making me wait for30
 mins twice a day is outright humiliating. I haven’t received any merchandise or outfits. Maybe I would have been treated better had I been richer or more influential there. That’s how it works, doesn’t it? What if doctors did the same? What if I treated the
 rich better and left the poor/non influential without treatment? I didn’t want to write all this but I have been left with no other choice. Hugely disappointed.

When I published this on their twitter DM, they finally responded asking me to wait for 2 weeks within which my hamper would
 eb couriered. 2 weeks have passed and yet again, they failed to do so.



Please Resolve Here problem you big brand this not good for your fan

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