Draw to Win MacBook Pro iPhone 7

Dhanbola Promotion 2016 Contest Win Macbook Pro Apple iPhone Philips Wireless Speaker and more

Biggest Diwali Contest.

Participate and play this Biggest Diwali Event Contest on eBay Super Contest chance to win Biggest Prize Apple Macbook Pro, Apple iPhone 7 smartphone and Philips wireless speaker.  Dhanbola” shall mean an engagement event through housie/bingo play being hosted by eBay on its eBay India Social Account through a Facebook live video for its eligible Users on Promotion Event" as per the rules of the Dhanbola set out by eBay. eBay largest online shopping site for sale and buy india oldest web providing platform everything you buy and sale here. now Diwali offer and contest live there.

How to Play
Step 1 : Get A Ticket 
Every Registered user with ebay.in shall receive a Dhanbola ticket on 22nd Oct, 2016 via email. Make sure you look out for that email!

Step 2 : Register
Follow the instructions mentioned in the email to register your ticket before 11am on 25th Oct.

Step 3 : Watch And Play
Enjoy the live Dhanbola game on our facebook page at 5pm on 25th Oct. Our special host will call out the lucky numbers. You can start crossing out the numbers one by one and claim your prize!
Remember the rules of tambola! Don't worry, read them below.

Step 4 : Claim Your Prize
Got all the lucky numbers on your ticket? CLAIM right away! Be the fastest finger furst to write in the comments section of the live video. Make sure you mention your ticket NO and the use the prize Hashtag

Note : Each user can win only one prize per ticket. If you claim multiple prizes, only tyhe first one will be counted. For eg: If you claim the #ebayearly5 first and then for #ebayfullhouse, you will only be eligible for #ebayearly5

Hashtags are not case sensitive. Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page.

Want to get more lucky?
Shop on eBay.in between 15th Oct to 19th Oct, 2016 and you can get one of these special tickets. These tickets already have some numbers crossed out to help you win faster.

*limited to Maximum of 3 tickets per user, with the top eligible transactions being considered

Ticket type to Win
1. Green Ticket : Every new and existing registered user gets a ticket with no numbers crossed out.
2. Blue Ticket  : Shop for above Rs.500 and get this ticket with one number crossed out.
3. Silver Ticket: Shop for above Rs.2,500 and get this ticket with two numbers crossed out.
4. Gold Ticket  : Shop for above Rs.5000 and get this ticket with three numbers crossed out.

Rules Contest

60 lucky Winner Win Philips Wireless Speaker How To win Follow Below Rules.
eBay Early 5 : First 15 participants to finish any 5 numbers on their unique ticket
eBay 1st Row : First 15 participants to finish all the first row numbers on their unique ticket
eBay 2nd Row : First 15 participants to finish all the second row numberson their unique ticket
eBay 3rd Row : First 15 participants to finish all the third row numbers on their unique ticket

1 lucky Winner Win Apple MacBook Pro How to win Follow Below Rules.
eBay Full House : The first lucky participant to finish all the numbers in his/her unique ticket.

5 Lucky Winner Win Apple iPhone 7 Phone How to win Follow Below Rules.
eBay Full House : The 5 subsequent participants to first finish all the numbers in their unique ticket

The host will keep communicating along with a ticker message on the video about the prize categories completed. Once the user has won a prize, he/she will be asked to share contact details, including: Name, Postal address, phone number and email ID through a Facebook message from the official eBay Facebook page.

More Tutorial How to Play Contest Watch Video

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Prizes will be dispatched after 45 days of the live event.

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