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Name Your Favorite Song Chance to Win Wireless Headphones
  (3 Winner)

Name Your Favorite Song Contest

Are you Music Lover?  Share your Favorite Song name and chance to win 3 Pair of Wireless Headphones, Simple Regster and comment your favorite song every 24hrs. This Contest open for all world wide user. Since the beginning of 2016, we have been adding independent DAC or amplifier into our new models. So technically Ulefone devices are also good music players besides other things. Of them, Ulefone Vienna is known for its HiFi sound quality Of course excellent audio will not come true without good earphones. Here we'll offer 3 pairs of Bluetooth headphones of the Mixcder brand to 3 lucky people. If you want to be one of them. 
This contest open for world wide user

How To Participate
1. Register Ulefone forum using Your Email ID Click Here
2. Reply which song or instrumental music you like the most ( Reply )

Stickily Rules
1. You can only register once, otherwise, you will be disqualified.
2. You can only leave one post in 24 hours.
3. If one of the rules above have been violated your post will not be counted.
4. Any post that is not related to the giveaway will be deleted.

How To Winner Pick
Each post has its number. We have attached ZIP-file with numbers that belong to the 3 lucky posts (the 3 winners will get the 3 gifts in sequence), which you may download right now. However, to open this file you will need a password. And this password will be published October 10th. If the chosen post will somehow violate the rules of the giveaway the post next to it will be chosen as the winner.

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