Next Big Heritage Destination

Next Big Heritage Destination Contest Chance To Win Cash Prize Worth Rs 50000

Next Big Heritage Destination Contest

Are you Loving Traveling? Then you Right place Travel India and Find Next Big Heritage Destination in India and share it you can chance to win Cash prize Worth Rs 50000/- INR. You must be wondering why a thank you instead of the usual Hello. Well, your association with HolidayIQ have time and again helped travel enthusiasts find the best holiday destinations and now your reviews can help fellow travelers rediscover the glorious heritage of the country  Submit a review about a really cool, unknown heritage destination, attraction or custom here with the #NextBigHeritageDestination and win CASH REWARDS  worth Rs 50,000.

How To Participate
Step 1 : Name of you heritage Discovery Mention the name of the Property /Sight / Destination / Culture / Craft
Step 2 : Describe your heritage discovery with specific detail on the type of the heritage its is get as descriptive as you can. A better description will help us evaluate better.
Step 3 : Photo reference or video link Brownie point for sharing picture /video. make sure the photographs support your write up
Step 4 : Location or map reference google earth location or any other landmark nearby if possible.
Step 5 : Local Legends any local legend associated with site/ building /Structure
Step 6 : Other Detail if you have more in depth understanding of the site.

How to Play.
You can participate by sharing a write up with photos of your heritage discovery.
Click on 'Submit Entry' and enter the details requested on the submission page.
Enter your personal details at the bottom of the submission form and that's about it!
What do you mean by Heritage destinations?

Heritage destinations are places that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes historic, cultural and natural resources.

There are multiple types of heritage below listed find yours.
Architectural: Portuguese buildings in Diu
Arts and Material: Mural paintings in the forts of Rajasthan 
Crafts community: Madras terrace roofing 
Natural Heritage: Historic waterscapes in Gwalior 
Intangible Cultural heritage: Santhal Village Dance in Jharkhand

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