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OnePlus Dash For Diwali Contest Win OnePlus 3 Soft Gold, Gear and Accessories For Just Rs 1

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Want To Celebrating Diwali With Dash? Then Particiapte this contest and chance to win OnePlus3  Smartphone, Gear And Mobile Accessories Only just Rs 1/- INR this awesome offer and contest for OnePlus Fans, our Diwali festivities have begun. Here's how you can participate to win big. Since our announcement last week, we’ve seen thunderous response from our community and new visitors alike. To those who’ve registered their OnePlus devices already, congratulations! You must have recently received an email from us on an assured coupon being added to your profile. Fans can use the same to purchase OnePlus products from the online store. 

Now we are proud to present to you, the Diwali Dash Festival, a three (3) day shopping extravaganza from October 24 - 26, 2016 designed exclusively for our fans. Why is this festival different from the rest? Because unlike others, every participant walks home a Winner.

Participation and exuberance is the name of the game and the more you share and encourage your friends to participate, the closer you will get to unlocking fantastic boxes to take home at a stellar price.

The contents of ₹ 1 Mystery Boxes depend on event participation levels, as measured by the Dash Index* on our portal. Every session ends when all Boxes are exhausted.

Game Rules
The Diwali Dash Sale takes place at 12PM, 4PM and 8PM (IST) each day during Oct 24-26.
To participate in the Diwali Dash Sale, complete the Entry Challenge beforehand.
At the beginning of each session, a batch of ₹ 1 Mystery Boxes are released through a lucky draw. The session ends when all Boxes are exhausted.
You may keep drawing until you draw a Box, or until all Boxes are taken. There is a brief cool-down period after each draw. Each OnePlus Account is eligible to receive a maximum of one Box only.
Contents of the Box are revealed once you complete your payment of ₹ 1. Unpaid for Boxes expire after three hours.

Tips For Viewer 
Your chances of drawing a Box depends on your Dash Level. Level up by completing additional tasks.
Possible contents of the Box depend on event participation levels. Share the event page on social media to expand the prize pool!

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