Today Deal Share To Win

Today Deal Share To Win Free Gift 

Today Deal Share To Win Your Free Gift Worldwide Contest

Today We are share USA based Online Website Contest this web site offer you best product with highest discount and coupon you must watch all offer and given you chance share on facebook, Twitter and other social page you chance to win win very gift every time this diwali offer. you make your diwali more awesome with this site. you also we are now certificated affiliated for media partner now we share all awesome deal from this site this site name is gearbest. Site specially is if you buy from this site and gearbest web shipping worldwide its awesome chance to shopping online web site buy all real and fair brand product here with highest discount and coupon also you earn share to free gift its always promote free chance to win. today deal share to win your free gift now you also win.

How to Works Free Gift
1. Share And Invite : Click "Get it FREE" to share the invitation invite a friend to register through your link and complete ANY payment transaction
2. Get FREE Items : If your friend is a new registered user and buys with your shared link, you have an opportunity to get FREE GOODS! Rules of GET IT FREE: The Free Item must be from the GET IT FREE page and cost under $20
3. Earn Free Gear : Share successfully so your friends can buy COOL GEAR!
We will dispatch the item once your friend receives their order. However this is not possible if your friend cancels their order. Note: Each item is only eligible for a single free offer.
A nominal $0.01 handling fee is charged if your order ONLY contains the FREE product; the fee is waived if your order contains other items.

1.Dear customer,here’s a FREE GIFT game, we will randomly reward 6 LUCKY Customers with FREE GIFTS.
2.To qualify, pay for orders on GEARBEST at least $40 from Oct 17 to Oct 21.
Share the activity link to your social media.
3.The list of lucky dog will be published in our FACEBOOK on Oct 22.
They will also receive a notification email.
4. GearBest reserves the right to amend the rules.

Question 1 : Can I get it free if my friend is not a new registered customer?
Answer : Unfortunately, no. The rules to obtain free items goods stat e the items must be from the GET IT FREE page and under $20. Also only new registered customers are able to participate. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Question 2 : If my friend shares my link, and then others buy from that new link, can I still get that product for free?
Answer : Yes! As long as their payment goes through and your item price is under $20, you can GET IT FREE!
Question 3 : I'm ready to claim my free gear, how do I do it?
Answer : It's easy. Just log in to Choose the product you like (it must be under $20), then click the “Get It Free” button! Choose your favorite social media channel to share.
Easy Steps: Share, invite a new friend, they sign in, and complete the purchase – that’s it!
Question 4 : Why can I not claim my free product even after I did everything right?
Answer : GearBest reserves the right to investigate, monitor and delete any suspicious accounts. We will routinely check and scrutinize all new registrants and associated activity. This ensures that nobody has an unfair advantage over others

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