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Define Your Cool Contest

Define Your Cool Contest Win Smartphone Goodies Selfie Stick

Define Your Cool Contest

Participate to Define Your Cool Contest Play the game, Create your own phone & Win our upcoming Cool. Launching on 28.12.2016 New Coolpad Device (Smartphone) Play the game, pick your own specifications, name your phone & tagline. Comment with your screenshots. Play here This game will give you a hint about the specs & price of our coming device. Winners will be based on value for money & creative product tagline. Last date: 29th Dec, 2016 11.59PM


How To Play 
1. Create a customized phone by selecting the best specifications under the lowest price in the given time.
2. Select each cube to select your phone specification. The other cubes might change along with it. 
3. You have to use logic and freeze on the best specifications.
4. The price of the phone will keep changing as per the phone specification you choose.
5. After the time ends, the specifications will be fixed and you will be asked to name your phone and give it a tagline.
6. You can share it with your friends.
7. Winners will be selected based on various factors like - Least attempts, best specifications, lowest price and creative tagline

Play Now To Win

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