Food Photography Competition

India Food Photography Competition Win Cash Prize And More
Food Photography Competition

Participate First FPC is a contest to serach for first food photographer of india food photography contest is one of its kind and is happening for the first time in india where we are hunting best food photograher who can blend the taste of food with its stunning decoration through his camera and style of imagery its is online cum live round of photography contest where the participants are allowed to participate into the competition without paying any participating fees. The online Round will be conducted here and post online roun 5 selected winners from this city nearby city will get chance to win dinner passes at respective state hotel now breaking the surprise for the winner this something which might excited all them and that is when they get to know that they are going to get an opportunity to perform live at the respective hotel. get Ready for the mega news 

Competition Dates: 15th Dec 2016 - 31st Jan 2017
Please Note: Totally free of cost, Anyone can upload multiple entries between 2 Mb - 5 Mb.

Prize Won There
1. Online Round We will select top 5 participants from the win Free Dining upto Rs 5000 near by your top hotels
2. Live Round winner of the competition from across india will be eligible for cash prize of Worth Rs 20000/-
3. Live Round : 5 Photographers from across india will be eligible for free dinner with Mr. Montu Saini Executive Chef to president of india In Delhi

Participate Now To Win
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