Get Lucky Watch Movie Now 2 Win Biggest Prizes.

Get Lucky Watch Movie Now 2 Win Free Bike Mobile Phone, Headphone and more Daily Win

Watch And Enter Lucky Draw

Watch and win Every Night 9 PM. This India New Prime Show Every Day at 9 PM. Movie Now Launched New Channel for our Indian fans. Participants are required to give full details of their name, permanent address, income tax permanent account number (PAN), phone number, age and such other details as may be prescribed by BCCL and it is to be understood that any Prize will be given to the Winner only upon furnishing of the prescribed details and documents. Any information found to be incomplete, false or misleading shall result in automatic disqualification of the Participant. The personal information provided by the Participant/s will be saved/ stored with BCCL for completion of the Contest. Try to Share Best Contests. This Movie Now 2 The new age Hollywood channel for Young India Not your typical channel handle. I have real feelings and emotions. But, you can't touch this. Read Contests Full Term and Condition here 

Simple Rules Participate
1. To participate in the Contest, Participant shall have a Facebook / Twitter account. 
Like Movie Now 2 Facebook Account and Follow on Twitter Movie Now 2
2. BCCL shall flash ‘Get Lucky’ bug with a number, during the 09:00 pm movie on each day, at any time during the Contest Period on the Channel 
3.  To participate in the Contest, the Participant shall be required to spot the ‘Get Lucky’ bug & call the number displayed with the bug, during a 5 (five) minute window immediately on the Channel.  
4.  BCCL shall from amongst those Participants who will give a missed call within 5 minute after spotting the bug, by random lucky draw, select a winner each day, who will stand a chance to be declared the winner for that day of the Contest Period Winner and Participants who will give the maximum missed calls within 5 min of spotting the bug every day during the contest period on the channel, by random lucky draw, select a winner for the Mega Prize. 
5. The Winners of the Contest will be selected randomly by an automated system and there will be no human intervention/choices. All the entries will be stored in a backend system operated by BCCL and/or any person/agency appointed by BCCL. more detail visit here

How To Play
1. Watch Every Day at 9:00 PM Movie Now 2 Chanel
2. During Show Displayed Get lucky Windows. (Only For Five Minute)
3. Give me Missed Call Withing 5 Minute 

Prize You Won 
Mega Prize : One New Branded Bike Free won via Get Lucky Contest
Other Prize : Headphone Mobile Phone Fitbit Kindle Play station and more.

Play Everyday and Win Daily Biggest Prize From Via Get Lucky Contest. Now Tune Set Your TV Set box every day 9 PM For Movie Now 2 Channel. GOOD LUCK.

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