Hunt And Win Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 5000

Niki Hunt And Win Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 5000
hunts and win contest

Niki Hunt And Win Contest

Happy Bot Day Niki Apps so Celebrating Birthday 2nd And Win Amazon Gift Vouchers Wroth Rs 5000 Treasure Hunt Contest around the corner! Top 5 winners get Amazon gift cards worth ₹ 1500, 1200, 1000, 800, 500 respectively Niki is turning 2, and she has grown up to become smarter, faster and more efficient than ever. To celebrate this, we’re organizing a birthday party for her. Since she’s just 2, what could be better than a game-themed party?! Best Online Contest Shared and fast update to win daily. Join her on 4th of June for a Treasure Hunt contest on Niki App as she will be giving away prizes summing up to ₹ 75,000! Don’t miss out. If you don’t already have the app First 5 players who solve all the clues win Amazing Prizes in the form of Amazon Gift Vouchers summing upto ₹5000

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1. Fire up Niki App on 4th June. Contest begins at 12 PM
2. Type Play on chat anytime after that to receive your first clue.
3. Use the clue to find a hidden emoji in one of the sections in the app 
4. Each next clue will be out only after 20 minutes from the previous one. (1st clue at 12 PM, 2nd at 12:20 9 clues till 3 PM), type Play for all subsequent clues

Niki is turning 2 on 4th June, to celebrate this joy and happiness, we are inviting you to join the celebration & contest to win exciting prizes.

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