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Pen To Publish Contest Win Prize Worth Rs 15 Lakh

Pen Down Write Story Contest Win Prize Worth Rs 15 Lakh
story Contest

Pend To Publish Contest

Love writing? Participate now to get your best work published and win cash prizes worth ₹15 lakhs Have a Story worth telling? Pen down your story and share it with the world win prizes worth Rs 15 Lakh Amazon kindle direct publishing pen to publish contest is back with its second edition to recognize literary excellence among self published authors across all genres  Merry Christmas 2018 Xmax Free Gift Santa Clues Free Gift & Happy New Year 2019 Contest Christmas Tree, Christmas Song Christmas Image Contest Sweepstakes that Celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Other Holidays highlighting the best contests & giveaways for the final run-up to. MaalFreeKaa.in No. 1 Online Giveaway Website you can find all update about Online Contest, Free Stuff Deal, Free Sample, Cashback, Loot Deal Coupon and Freebie Deal. We Also Publish Health And Life Insurance Car Insurance, Finance & Banking Contest of Article for reward. Kindle Direct Publishing is a fast easy and free way for authors to publish their books across the world on kindle authors who use KDP earn royalties of up to 70% retain their rights can get to market fast keep control of how their work is published distribute globally and in multiple languages and do it all for free.

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How To Participate Pen To Publish Contest
1. Select Language for your eBook form drop down menu
2. Add keywords add pen to publish 2018 in the keywords metadata field
3. Enroll on KDP select ensure your book is enrolled in KDP Select
4. Publish during entry period

1.    Finalist Prizes
(a)   Long Form Finalist Prize:  Each Long Form Finalist will receive a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader with 6'' High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, and Wi-Fi or an equivalent cash award as determined by Amazon.
(b)    Short Form Finalist Prize:  Each Short Form Finalist will receive a Kindle E-reader Black, 6" with Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, and Wi-Fi or an equivalent cash award as determined by Amazon.
The Long Form Finalist Prize and Short Form Finalist Prize, together (the “Finalist Prize”). 

2.    Grand Prizes:
(a)   Long Form Grand Prize: Each Long Form Grand Prize winner will receive the following Grand Prize package (collectively, the “Long Form Grand Prize”): 
(i)    INR 5,00,000 award to be paid by way of an account payee cheque or electronically wired to the Long Form Grand Prize winner’s account; 
(ii)   a merchandising package on Amazon.in Kindle Store for the winner’s Long Form Book, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion; and 
(iii)  the opportunity to participate in a mentoring session with a celebrity author selected by Amazon in its sole discretion.
(b)   Short Form Grand Prize: Each Short Form Grand Prize winner will receive an INR 50,000 award to be paid by way of an account payee cheque or electronically wired to the Short Form Grand Prize winner’s account; 
The Long Form Grand Prize and Short Form Grand Prize, together (the “Grand Prize”)

Term And Condition 
Each entrant must follow and meet the following requirements when submitting an Entry:
1. By entering, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules.
2. Entrant must be the legitimate and sole author of the Book.
3. Entrant must complete a KDP account (by going to the KDP sign-in page and following the instructions) and accept the KDP Terms of Service and the Terms and Conditions for KDP Select Program.

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Participate Here Contest To Win Prize Worth Rs 50,000 Mi A2 and Assured Prize Rs 500

Contest End : February 9, 2019

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