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Egg Recipe Contest Win Gift Card Worth Rs 500

Egg Recipe Contest Win Gift Card Worth Rs 500
Egg Recipe

Eggy Surprise Recipe Contest

Share your favourite Egg recipes to win big basket Gift Card worth Rs.500 Scrambled Egg, Omelette, Sunny Side Up, Deviled Eggs, Poached Eggs or simply Fried Eggs – Eggs are rich in protein, essential minerals and vitamin B! Share your diet conscious recipes to win a bb Gift Card! Submit your recipes here. Submissions filled in full are highly preferred for the contest.

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Contest Term
The image must be of the cooked dish at a 45 degree angle.
The image must not contain gratuitous or confusing additional objects
The image must be in focus, well lit and photographed with realistic colour.
It has to be a high resolution image with at least 150 dpi (High Quality Image).
The full dish must be in frame.
Backgrounds must be pure white (RGB 255,255,255) (Optional)
The image must not contain additional text, graphics, or inset images.

Recipe Contests run for a week (Thursdays to Wednesdays) if not mentioned otherwise. All recipes received and published on the bigbasket recipes channel shall be an exclusive property of bigbasket.com. The recipes will be published with the chef's image for a period of one month from the recipe publish date. bigbasket.com is not legally liable for duplication or infringement of copyrights by a user for any user-generated recipe and cannot be held responsible in any circumstance.

Last Week Winners
Congratulations to our Taste of Home Contest Winner Moongdal Appe Usha Sastry From Pune

Prize: Best Recipe to win a bigbasket Gift Card worth Rs 500!

Contest Duration: Mar 28 to Apr 3, 2019.

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