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IPL 2019 Power Play Win VU LED TVs And More Daily

IPL 2019 Power Play Contest Win VU LED TVs And Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 1000 Everyday
IPL 2019 Free LED TV Daily

Power Play IPL 2019 Every Day Free VU LED and Amazon Gift Card

Test your cricket knowledge This IPL 2019 Contest Play the EMI Network Power play IPL game challenge & stand a chance to win a TV and Amazon vouchers, daily

How To Play Power Play IPL 2019
1. Play your first innings by answering 4 questions. Click Here
2. For every correct answer you score a 6. For every wrong answer, you get nothing.
3. Play your second inning, if you want to score more runs.
4. Lucky Winners Win Vu LED TVs And Amazon Gift Card.

How To Win LED Tv Daily Watch Video IPL 2019 Power Play

How To Selected Winners.
To score more after these two innings, share the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. Get 6 runs on every share.
A maximum of two innings can be played in a day.
If you don’t play the second innings and exit the same, you can’t come back on the same page.
However, you can come back to share the game and score more.
The final leader board will be closed at 7 PM daily.
Any match you play after 7 PM, the scores will be added in your next day’s scorecard.
Winners will be announced on our Facebook page at 9 PM, everyday.

Prize And Winners
TOP Scorer  shall mean the eligible Participant who has scored the highest
aggregate runs during the Offer Period;
Next 5 Scorers shall mean to includes the next 5 (five) high scorers in
chronological orders immediately after the TOP scorer.
Campaign Offer Period shall mean the period commencing from 10:00 am on 26th March, 2019 to 11:59 pm on31st March 2019.

Winner” shall mean to refer TOP Scorer and Next 5 Scorers as defined herein.
“Reward” shall mean to refer the following:
(a) Top Scorer will get one 32 inches VU smart TV; and
(b) Next 5 Scorers will get an Amazon Gift Voucher of Rs 1000/-
Claim of Reward” shall mean to refer the process defined and communicated by
BFL to the eligible 

“Participant” shall mean User who opts to participate in the BFL Campaign by full filling the registration criteria to participate in a “Quiz Contest” during the Offer period. 

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Test your knowledge | Share with friends | Win TV & Amazon vouchers daily

Contest End : 31st March 2019

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