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Online Contest | Prize Draw | Giveaways | Cash 13,000 Rs Prize

Enter Share Subscribe To Win Cash Prize Worth Rs 13000 (Bank Account)
Cash Prize 10000 Free

Enter To Win Free Cash Prizes Worth Rs 10000

Here's Monthly Prize To Enter Online Contest For Lucky Prize Draw Giveaway and Win Cash Prize Directly In Your Bank Account Simply Who's Get Leaderboard By Sharing Daily Based And Earn Point To Get Ranked First With Cash Prize Worth Rs 5000 in your bank account and others winner win cash prize worth Rs 2000, 1000 its amazing contest this season 2nd. last time we are shared this company contest on our web and many winners received amazon gift card and much more.

How To Enter And Win Cash Prize
1. Register or Login Online Contest Click Here
2. Click On Youtube Subscribe Entry
3. Share Entry to earn extra points
4. Subscribe Newsletter
5. Retweet Entry
6. Again Youtube Subscribe Entry
7. Instagram Follow Entry

This is a simple raffle from DGEXP India, every entry point below gives a set number of entry points. Each Point is entered into the raffle and one is chosen at random at the end of the competition Winners of the Sweepstakes will be selected in a random drawing under the supervision of the Sponsor. Winners will be notified via email to the email address they entered the Sweepstakes with within five (5) days following the winner selection.

Winners And Prize Detail (Total Cash Prize 13000)
1st Winner Win Free Cash Prize Rs 5000
The Winner will be chosen at the end of the contest at random among all entries. They will be informed and be sent 5,000 Rupees via bank transfer on receiving details.

2nd Winner Win Free Cash Prize Rs 2000
Person Who Receives Most Points at the end of the competition, will win this prize. Share (Maximize Points) entry method gives 1 point per referral through your share link. So be sure to share across social media using this entry method if you aim to win!

3rd Winner Win Free Cash Prize 2000
Top 10 Contestants on Points, will be entered into an additional Prize Draw and selected at random to win this prize. Remember to Share using Share (Maximise Points) to be in with a chance of winning in this prize draw! You can keep track of the leaderboard on www.diamondgold.in/contests. It will be updated daily

Additional Prize Win Free Cash Rs 1000
In addition the top 10 at the end of the contest will be entered into an additional draw to win 1,000 This game is a winner takes all, the person who gains the most points wins. The leaderboard displayed above will be updated daily to show the top 10 players

Max Referral and Sharing Point Cap with Max 50 Points.

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Contest End : 31st May 2019

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