Mega Quiz Contest Win Prize Worth Rs 2500

Mega Quiz Contest Win Prize Worth Rs 2500
Mega Quiz Contest

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Giveaway alert! As we step into the last mischievous week of May, we love to giveaway some super awesome secret goodies. You sure don’t want to miss this, so be sure to follow the rules below to enter! One lucky winner will be chosen at random on June 1st to get a Goodie Bag worth INR 2500. Register and Subscribe today to win  The results of the contest will be available on 01 June and the winners will be notified.

How To Participate
1. Play The Squizzle World Contest "Start Quiz"
2. Answer All Question Correctly with beat the Time.
3. Prize Win Worth Rs 2500

Answer of Meg Quiz Contest Here
Quiz 1 : Who wields the hammer in Marvel Comics?
Answer : Thor

Quiz 2 : What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl?
Answer : Hedwig

Quiz 3 : What is the capital of Pakistan?
Answer : Islamabad

Quiz 4 : What is the actual name of Flynn Rider in the Movie ‘Tangled’?
Answer : Eugene Fitzherbert

Quiz 5 : Which continent is also a country?
Answer : Australia

Quiz 6 : Where does silk come from?
Answer : silkworms

Quiz 7 : What colors do you mix to create Green color?
Answer : Blue And Yellow

Quiz 8 : What are the holes in the nose called?
Answer : Nostrils

Quiz 9 : What is the top color in a rainbow?
Answer : Red

Quiz 10  : Who is Thor’s brother?
Answer : Loki

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