2019 Cricket World Cup Predict And Win Contest

2019 Cricket World Cup Contest Predict And Win Exciting Prizes
Cricket World Cup

Predict And Win World Cup 2019

When you participate in  Cricket World Cup Aristocrat Howzzat Contest, there’s a lot that is up for grabs! So, what are you waiting for? Put your cricket knowledge to test and start predicting! Predict Now Who's Win Cricket World Cup 2019?, Who's Win Match The Tournament Title of Cricket World Cup, Who's Score Highest Run and more Any prize won under this contest can neither be exchanged for any other gift or cash or cash equivalent nor can it be transferred to any other person To be eligible for the contest, the participants are required to do the following: (a) The participants need to visit, like/follow the Aristocrat Facebook page/Twitter handle/Instagram handle, he/she must post the entries by mentioning @AristocratBags and using the hashtag #AristocratHowzzat.

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How To Participate Predict And Win Contest
1.  Predict Cricket World Cup 2019 Contest Play Here
2. Filled out Your Name and Email
3. Predict Which Team Will Win The World Cup! 
4.  Predict Which Player Will Win The Title OF "Man Of The Match"
5. Predict Which Team Will Score The Maximum Runs!
6. Predict Which Player Will Win The Title OF "Highest Wicket Taker" 
7. Predict Which Team Will Score The Highest Number Of Sixes! 

Prize And Winners
One lucky participant who gets all 5 predictions right will win a Luggage and a Backpack, two participants get at least 4 predictions right will win a Rucksack Backpack, three participants get at least 2-3 predictions right will win a Backpack, Ten participants get only 1 prediction right will win merchandise at the end of the contest based on their answers.

Note : There is no upper limit to the number of responses a participant can submit during the contest. 

Contest End : 5th July 2019

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