Kishore Kumar Contest Win Carvaan Mini and Kishore Kumar Merchandise

Kishore Kumar Contest Win a Carvaan Mini and Kishore Kumar Merchandise
Kishor Kumar Contest

Kishore Kumar Contest Win Kishore Kumar Merchandise

Prove you’re the biggest Kishore Kumar fan! WIN amazing Kishore Kumar Merchandise + a Carvaan Mini Yes, you are a true Kishore Kumar fan. You can now win exciting prizes by answering below questions. For answers you will have to listen to the playlist. Contestant with all correct answers will be eligible to win the prize through a lucky draw. Please fill accurate personal details. You will be contacted basis this information. The winner will have to submit valid photo id proof to claim his/ her prize. Thank you for taking part in the contest. All the best.

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Kishore Kumar Listen to Playlist Contest Answer
During London trip, which other legendary singer accompanied Kishore Kumar for stage performance? *
Answer : Lata Mangeshkar

By listening which Music Tape did Kishore Kumar started Yodeling? *
Answer : Western Classical Music Tape

Which Music Director in his 3rd phase of career started working with Kishore Kumar? *
Answer : R D Burman

Though "Oh Hansini" Song was sung by Kishore Kumar, Which singer was first choice of Rishi Kapoor for this Song? *
Answer : Mahendra Kapoor

In which field Ashok Kumar wanted Kishore Kumar to pursue his career? *
Answer : Acting

What gift was given by R D Burman to Kishore Kumar? *
Answer : Belly Dance Show

With whom did Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar meet, when Kishore Kumar came to Mumbai for the first time? *
Answer : S D Burman

Who were the two best friends of Kishore Kumar? *
Answer : R D Burman & Asha Bhosle

Where did R D Burman and Kishore Kumar meet for the first time? *
Answer : Studio Entrance

Name Kishore Kumar's son who sung reinterpretation version of Bachna Ae Hasino Song? *
Answer : Sumit Kumar

According to Kishore Kumar, in which film his acting was bad, but people liked it? *
Answer : Padosan

Who was Lyricist and Composer of Jhumroo song? *
Answer : Kishore Kumar

During shooting of the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gadi, who is the only person who knew secret of Kishore Kumar? *
Answer : Alok Das Gupta

During shooting of song "Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si", which Heroine did Kishore kumar fell in love with? *
Answer : MadhuBala

Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar were rejected by a Sound Recordist, which career option was suggested by Kishore Kumar to Asha Bhosle? *
Answer : Street Singer

Who gave opportunity to Kishore Kumar to sing "Mana Janab Ne Pukara Nahin" song? *
Answer : S D Burman

Note : All Answer I am Not Sure but i try my best please recheck before submit answer on contest page. Thanks (if you find more better please share with us)

Contest End : 4th August 

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