Airtel Onam Quiz Answer Win Every Hours Redmi Note 7

Airtel Onam Quiz Answer Win Every Hours Redmi Note 7 and More Prize Worth Rs 1 Lakh
Airtel Onam Quiz Answer

Onam Quiz Contest By Airtel

Airtel Onam Quiz Play and Win Reward Every Hours Like Free Redmi Note 7 Smartphone and Prize Worth Lakhs. Game would be live between 7 AM to 10 PM, one contestant can win only once every hour o avail a chance to win the Contest, an Airtel subscriber needs to participate in the Contest within the Contest Period, through the Airtel Thanks application, available for download on the Android Play Store and the Apple Store. The above is necessary to participate in the Contest for a subscriber to qualify as a Participant, Participants will be ranked daily and overall basis of accumulated points for correct answers during the contest.

Airel Onam Quiz Answer (Every user get random Quiz) I shared only Answer you can find fasted similar answer then submit fasted 
6PM TO 7PM 13th Sept Answer Airtel Onam Quiz 
Q1 – The little idol of Trikkakarappan is placed on? 
Ans – Banana leaf 
Q2 – Which one is the smallest district by area wise in Kerala? 
Ans – Alappuzha
Q3 – What is the shortened form of Thiruvonam? 
Ans – Onam
5 PM – 6 PM Answers 13th Sept Airtel Onam Quiz 
Q1 – Who was the fifth incarnation of Vishnu? 
Ans – Vamana
Q2 – Which of the following is the major port in Kerala? 
Ans – Cochin
Q3 – Who was the Grandfather of Mahabali? 
Ans – Prahlada

4 PM – 5 PM Answers 13th Sept Airtel Onam Quiz
Q1 – Which is the main day for Onam? 
Ans – Thiru Onam
Q2 – Which festival of Kerala marks the new year?
Ans – Vishu 
Q3 – Who was the mother of Mahabali?
Ans – Devamba

3 PM – 4 PM Answers 13th Sept Airtel Onam Quiz
Q1 – When did the government declared Onam as their State Festival? 
Ans – 1960
Q2 – Which of the following dance is not a major one in Kerala? 
Ans – Bhangra
Q3 – Who was the guru and advisor of Mahabali?
Ans – Shukracharya

2 PM – 3 PM Answers 13th Sept Airtel Onam Quiz
Q1 – What did little Vamana asked from Mahabali? 
Ans – 3 feet land
Q2 – The largest Information Technology park in Asia in terms of area, is situated in…..?
Ans – Thiruvananthapuram
Q3 – What was the request made by King mahabali to Vishnu?
Ans – He was allowed to visit his land on Earth once in a year
1 PM To 2PM 13th Sept Answer Airtel Onam Quiz
Q1 – Where did Mahabali began the Ashwamedha Yaga?  
Ans – Narmada River
Q2 – Which state is known as India’s Spice coast? 
Ans – Kerala
Q3 – What is “Thumbi Thullal”? 
Ans – Traditional Folk Dance

12 PM – 1 PM Answers Airtel Onam 13th Sept Answer
Q1 – Who is the son of Virochana?  
Ans – Hiranyakashipu
Q2 – What was the Ancient name of Kerala? 
Ans – Keralaputra
Q3 – Onam Ashamsakal meaning? 
Ans – All the above
11 AM – 12 PM Answers Airtel Onam 13th Sept Answer
Q1 – Which place is associated with the famous Athachamayam? 
Ans – Thripunithura
Q2 – Who is the father of Malayalam language? 
Ans – Thunchathu Ramanujan Eluttacchan
Q3 – Which of the follwing is not related to Onam Festival? 
Ans – Brahma

10 AM – 11 AM Answers
Q1 – Where does the famous water festival take place during Onam? 
Ans – Aranmula
Q2 – Name the first book printed in Malayalam language? 
Ans – Sampkshepa Vedartham
Q3 – Which Flower is known as Onam flower?
Ans – Thumba Poov

9 AM – 10 AM Answers
Q1 – Who is Onathappan? 
Ans – Vamana
Q2 – Who was the first woman governor of kerala? 
Ans – Jothi Venkatachalam
Q3 – Who is Thrikkara Appan?
Ans – Maveli

8 AM – 9 AM Answers
Q1 – Which among the following is a boat race festival of Kerala? 
Ans – Vallam Kali
Q2 – Which of the following Explorer visited Kerala in 1498? 
Ans – Vasco da Gama
Q3 – Who was Prahlada’s son?
Ans – Virochana

7 AM – 8 AM Answers
Q1 – Who was the grand father of Mahabali?
Ans – Prahlada
Q2 – Which is the highest point in Kerala?
Ans – Anamudi
Q3 – Which place is associated with the famous Athachamayam?
Ans – Kerala

Q1 – What do we call the arrangement of flowers during onum in different patterns?
Ans – Pookalam
Q2 – The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a held in _________ Lake.
Ans – Punnamada
Q3 – The famous Guruvayoor temple of Kerala is dedicated to?
Ans – Lord Krishna

Q1 – Onapottan in traditional costume of which place?
Ans – Northern Kerala
Q2 – Kerala became the first state in the country to have STD and ISD facilities in all its villages in ________.
Ans – 1997
Q3 – Which temple is associated with Onam festival?
Ans – Vamanamoorthy temple / Thrikkakara Temple

Q1 – Who granted Mahabali’s wish to visit his people and his kingdom every year during Onam?
Ans – Vishnu
Q2 – World’s Only Teak Museum is in _________.
Ans – Malappuram
Q3 – Harvest Festival known as…..?
Ans – Onam

5 PM – 6 PM
Q1 – Name one of the most important flower in pookalm?
Ans – Thumbapoo
Q2 – The largest district in Kerala is _______.
Ans – Palakkad
Q3 – When was Kerala established?
Ans – 1 November 1956

Q1 – Which is the famous dance form performed during onam celebrations?
Ans –Thiruvanthirakali
Q2 – The highest populated district of Kerala is _______.
Ans – Malappuram
Q3 – A graceful clap dance performed by women during Onam is know as?
Ans – Kaiikotti Kali

Q1 – Who was the grandfather of Mahabali?
Ans – Prahlada
Q2 – Kerala is ________ largest state by population.
Ans – Twenty third
Q3 – Which district is popular for Pulikali as a part of the Onam celebrations?
Ans – Palghat

2-3 PM
Q1 – The snake-like boats participating in Vallamkali are known as
Ans – Chundan Vallam
Q2 – What is the percentage of female literacy rate in Kerala according to 2011 census?
Ans – 94%
Q3 – Conical figures of Gods made out of clay during Onam is known as
Ans – Trikakara Appan

Q1 – The swinging ceremony observed during Onam is known as
Ans – Oonjal
Q2 – Which district of Kerala is known as ‘Rice Bowl’ of the state?
Ans – Palakkad
Q3 – The first day of Onam is known as…..?
Ans – Atham

12 – 1 PM Answers
Q1 – Which legendary king is associated with Onam?
Ans – Mahabali
Q2 – Kerala has how many National Parks?
Ans – 6
Q3 – What are “Onappattukal”?
Ans – Traditional Onam Songs

Q1 – Famous boat race conducted during onam is…..?
Ans – Aranmula Uthrattathi Vallamkali
Q2 – What is the offical language of Kerala?
Ans – Malayalam / Tamil
Q3 – In which month is Onam celebrated?
Ans – Chingam

Q1 – Which is the traditional color of saree wore by women in Onam festival?
Ans – White Saree With Golden Border
Q2 – Where is the first spice park in kerala?
Ans – Idukki
Q3 – What is the traditional dress for men during onam celebration?
Ans – Mundu & Jubba

9-10 AM
Q1 – Which fruit is the common item in Onsadhya?
Ans – Banana
Q2 – Which is the longest river of Kerala?
Ans – Bharatappuzha
Q3 – What is Colour of the flower used to put pookalm on the first day?
Ans – Yellow

12 – 1 PM Answers
Q1 – Which legendary king is associated with Onam?
Ans – Mahabali
Q2 – Kerala has how many National Parks?
Ans – 6
Q3 – What are “Onappattukal”?
Ans – Traditional Onam Songs

1. Onam
2. Vallamkali
3. Pookkalam
4. 4
5. Karela
6. Lord Vishnu
7. Vallamkali
8. Karala
3. Virochana (Vishnu)

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Contest End : 14th September 2019

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