Quiz Time Answer Win Italica Set of 2 Chairs

Quiz Time Answer Win Italica Set of 2 Chairs
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Answer And Win Free Chairs

Change is tough. But change is also inevitable. We understand how difficult it is to constantly change in order to keep up with the fast changing world around us. Today, we want to identify and reward people with the ability to change quickly. Visit the link below to take up a short quiz. The person with the highest score wins a set of 2 chairs and a table from Italica. Also follow us and share the post.

Quiz 1 : The HR has sent an email saying the new work timings on weekdays are now 9 am to 6 pm instead of the usual 10 am to 7 pm. What do you do? *
Answer : Readily accept the change in work timings, and prepare your daily schedule according to it.

Quiz 2 : There’s a good exchange offer for old furniture, and your existing furniture has worn out and needs to be replaced. What do you do?
Answer : Go and check out the exchange deals that this shop is offering

Quiz 3 : Instagram just came up with a new logo. What’s your take?
Answer : You Like it.

Quiz 4 : You and your friends go the same pub every Friday night. This Friday, your friends have decided to hit a new pub. What do you do
Answer : Check out the reviews of this new place

Quiz 5 : You visit your hometown after many years to find that it has developed but at the cost of drastically changing from what it used to be. How do you feel? 
Answer : You feel glad that your hometown has progressed with time

(All above answer our team choose its not right answer or wrong its base of your mind so choose if you like others option.)

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How To Participate
1. Take Quiz Contest Click Here
2. Filled out your Correct Detail
3. Answer All question to eligible to lucky draw
4. Highest Score Win Free Chairs

Do you like changes? Are you open to it? Or is your order and familiarity too precious to be disturbed? Take this quiz to find out how open you are to change and get ready to win exciting prizes.

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