Unafraid in Winter Contest Win Gift Vouchers Rs 2000

Unafraid in Winter Contest Win Gift Vouchers Rs 2000
Gillette shaving & win vouchers

Winter Contest Win Gift Vouchers

Here’s how you can protect your skin in winter & win vouchers worth Rs. 2000 beat the fear of shaving & win vouchers  For participating in the contest Fearless Men Contest, individuals need to answer all questions  P&G makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of the prize, which is Gift vouchers worth Rs.2000/- Participate Now.

How To Play And Win
1. Register or Login For Winter Contest Click Here
2.  Click On Term And Condition And Enter The Survey
3. Answer All Correctly To Eligible To Win
4. 5 Lucky Winners Win Free Gift Vouchers Worth Rs 2000

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Unafraid in Winter Contest Answer Here
Quiz : Why is Gillette SkinGuard perfect for shaving in winter?
Answer : Its Is Smooth

Quiz : What is the purpose of precision trimmers on Gillette SkinGuard razor?
Answer : It Help you shave the hard-to-reach parts of your face

Quiz : For who is Gillette SkinGuard designed?
Answer : Gillette SkinGuard is specifically designed for e with sensitive skin and razor bumps

Quiz : What's the most convenient way for you to use your coupons?
Answer : I scan the receipt with my mobile and send it to PG reward me for cashback savings.

 5 lucky winners will be entitled to a Gift voucher worth Rs.2000/- each, chosen by lucky draw from the pool of participants who answers all the questions correctly. The winners will be contacted on their mobile number and/ or email addresses provided by them on the Reward Me page. In case any winner does not respond within the prescribed time limit then his/ her opportunity to win the prize shall stand forfeited and an alternative winner will be chosen.

Contest End : 20th Dec 2019

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