Britannia Cake Scholarship Win Worth Rs 1 Lakh

Britannia Cake Scholarship Win Worth Rs 1 Lakh Everyday And Rs 100 Talktime FREE
Britannia Cake Scholarship
Get Free Mobile Talktime Every Minute

Britannia Cake Scholarship Campaign you can win Free Scholarship Worth Rs 1 Lakh and Every minute you get free Mobile Recharge Wroth Rs 100 Just SMS your Britannia Cake Promo Code and every day win free scholarship worth Rs 1 Lakh This Contest is being conducted by Britannia Industries Limited Purchase the Promotional Product during the term of the Contest Sending the gift code mentioned in the Promotional Product as an SMS to 91643 91643 By entering the Contest, each participant promises that he or she fulfils the eligibility requirements. In the event of any dispute concerning the eligibility of any participant, Britannia’s decision shall be final.

How To Get Free Scholarship ?
1. Buy Britannia Cake Promo Pack
2. Find Inside "Promo Code" 
3. Send "Promo Code" SMS to 91643 91643
4. Stand a chance to win exciting prizes

Prize Detail Win Free
1. Everyday Win Free One Lucky Winner Worth Rs 1 Lakh Free Scholarship
2. Every Minute in Free mobile recharge vouchers ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100.

The total number of mobile recharge voucher winners shall be 1,00,000, during the Contest period. The Winners will receive a monetary prize worth Rupees One Lac Only (Rs. 100,000/-) post verification of the identity of the Winner, Children, and establishing their relationship. The prize may be subject to variation at the discretion of Britannia. When the Participant sends an SMS in a valid format within the Contest period, the entry would be considered for the relevant lucky draws periodically conducted for the scholarship prize subject to other terms & conditions of the Contest. Based on the time of receipt of a valid entry - the relevant lucky draw under which Participant’s entry qualifies will be determined.

Contest End : 15th Feb 2020

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