Play Fit For Life Trivia Quiz Answer Win Rs 500

Play Fit For Life Trivia Quiz Answer Win Rs 500
 Fit For Life Trivia Quiz

Play And Win Gift Voucher Worth Rs 500

Start your New Year Resolution Journey, take the Fit For Life quiz and stand a chance to win gift Vouchers worth Rs 500  A Participant can qualify only once for the contest during such Contest Period. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that a Participant is eligible for only one Reward during the Contest Period. Every Participant will have to answer five (5) questions relating to fitness, wellness or makeover First 10 Participants who answers all 5 questions correctly, are eligible to win an e-voucher worth Rs.500/-

How To Participate Fit For Life Quiz
1. 1. Click on the ‘Play Now’ button to start playing Click Here
2. Every player will have to answer 5 questions about Fitness, health and wellness.
3. To win, the player has to answer all the multiple choice questions correctly.
4. The top 10 players with the most right answers in the least time will stand a chance to win an E-Voucher worth Rs. 500 each.

Fit for Life Bajaj Finserv Trivia Quiz Contest Answer Here
Quiz 1 : About how many hair does one lose each day on an average?
Answer : 100

Quiz 2 : The word “yoga” is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning what?
Answer : Union

Quiz 3 : Guess which one belongs to water-purifier category?
Answer : RO

Quiz 4 : Where were bicycles first introduced?
Answer : Europe

Quiz 5 : To help lose weight faster, drink water when?
Answer : Before Meals
Quiz 1 : People with a body mass index (BMI) value of ________ or more are considered obese.
Answer : 30

Quiz 2 : What target heart rate should you aim for during cardio?
Answer : 55% to 85%

Quiz 3 : Which of the following is NOT true about water?
Answer : Water 10-12 Glasses Drinking in day

Quiz 4 : Which is one of the only carbon negative country in the world?
Answer : Bhutan

This Contest is available only in select cities of India and is valid only for Indian citizens. This
Contest is not applicable in places wherever prohibited and / or on gifts / services for which such
offers cannot be made available for any reason whatsoever. For clarification purposes, this Contest
is not applicable in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Contest End : 20th January 2020

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