Samsung Galaxy S20 S20+ S20 Ultra 108 MP Camera

Samsung Introducing Samsung Galaxy S20 S20+ S20 Ultra 108 MP Camera This is the phone that will change photography. Three phones designed around a revolutionary camera experience 2 Meet Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. With revolutionary 8K Video Snap changing how you capture not just video, but also photography.1 Add in Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, powerful processor, and massive storage and the Galaxy S20 series unveils a whole new world for mobile.

Galaxy S20 S20+ S20 Ultra 108 MP Camera Phone
Galaxy S20 S20+ S20 Ultra 108 MP Camera Phone

A massive leap forward in resolution and zoom for mobile photography 108MP lets you pinch in. Again. And again. Far beyond the 12 megapixel category, Galaxy S20 Ultra gives you millions more pixels in each photograph. Which means for the first time ever you can pinch in for details you'd never have seen before. Our most advanced zoom yet takes you places no mobile has been before We almost tripled the sensor size so you can shoot more of the night 8K Video Snap revolutionizes how you capture photos and videos

That whole new camera experience also has a game-changing phone built around it We upgraded the whole security system, so what's yours stays yours Galaxy leading the way with innovation Galaxy S20 Ultra's image sensor is about 2.9x larger than Galaxy S10. Galaxy S20 and S20+'s image sensors are about 1.7x larger than Galaxy S10. 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and 100x Super Resolution Zoom only available on Galaxy S20 Ultra. Galaxy S20 and S20+ have 3x Hybrid Optic Zoom and 30x Super Resolution Zoom Actual data and Wi-Fi speed may vary depending on country, carrier, and user environment. battery is 4000mAh under default setting using LTE, 5G Sub6 networks

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