Vote Liva Miss Diva 2020 Contest Win Cash 45,000

Predict the next Miss Universe India 2020 and win cash prize worth INR 45,000 Vote your 3 favorites to the top slots of the LIVA Miss Diva 2020 pageant Contest means the Super Judge Contest conducted by Entertainment Times of India Internet Limited (Times of India), where the Contestant must vote for the top three positions according to his/her choice for the coveted title and if the vote of such Contestant matches with the Final Results of Miss Diva 2020 event, then the winning Contestant shall become the Winner.

Liva Miss Diva 2020 Vote & Win Contest
Vote Miss Diva 2020 and chance to win cash prize worth Rs 45000/- INR Prize means gift voucher awarded to the winners of the Contest by Times Internet. Winner means the Contestant of Super Judge 2020 Contest declared as Winner by Times Internet. Answering and voting for the Winning titles in order of Winners, first runner’s up and second runner’s up ii. All the three should be correct to become Winner. Vote now to new Miss Diva 2020 Pageant and win cash prizes.

How To Vote Miss Diva 2020 Pageant?
1. Vote Here Liva Miss Diva 2020 Contest Click Here
2. Register or Login For Miss Diva 2020 Vote
3. Verify Your Email Address.
4. Lucky Winner Win Cash Prize Worth Rs 45,000/- INR

If you are among the first whose decision of all 3 winners matches to that of our jury, you maybe the lucky one to win a cash prize of
1st Prize Lucky Winner Win Free ₹ 25,000/-
2nd Prize Lucky Winner Win Free ₹ 15,000/- 
3rd Prize Lucky Winner Win Free ₹ 5000/-

Vote Ending : 22th February 2020

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