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Ask Me Anything about 5G 5G is one of the hottest topics in recent years, a technology that can fundamentally change how we work, communicate and play. If you have questions about 5G, how it works or what impact it might have in our lives, you are in the right place. I'm trilled to announce that OnePlus Community is inviting special guests from Google and Qualcomm for an exclusive AMA with a topic of 5G. If you have any questions related to 5G, no matter how technical they are, feel free to drop them here This time, we will give away 5 Bullets Wireless Z to 5 lucky users who asked their favorite questions

Ask me Anything About 5G

How To Participate And Win
1. Register or Login OnePlus Community Click Here
2. You are only allowed to ask one question
3. Please don't forget to tag the guest who you want to get answer from
5. 5 Lucky Winner Win Free OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

Sat and Ignacio will start answering your questions about 5G on April 30, 8pm - 9pm PT. Because of the limited time, they will be only answering no more than 20 questions in total. We appreciate your understanding, and please make sure you ask a great and interesting question!

Contest End : 30th April, 2020

Click The Link To Below to Ask Anything About 5G Contest

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