Gigsy Giveaway Win Prize Worth over ₹50,000

We are excited to announce the "Gigsy Giveaway Contest" where all creative folks passionate about their craft can participate! Participate in this giveaway and if you win Total Assets worth over ₹50,000 - AND IT CAN ALL BE FREE! Join the giveaway by signing up below.

How To Participate And Win ?
1. Enter Your Email For Gigsy Giveaway Click Here
2. Following All KingSumu Giveaway Entry
3. All Entry Completed Eligible To Win Lucky Draw
4. Lucky Winner Win Prize Reward Worth Rs 50000

Prize And Reward
1.Free coaching sessions from experts. Learn how to turn your passion into profit and the basics of setting up your first revenue stream online. (Worth over ₹25,000) 
2.Transaction Fee Waiver. No transaction fees for the first 50k you make on the Gigsy platform (Worth ₹2500)
3.GigsyU Content Vault Access for 3 Months. 
Three Months FREE access to Gigsy U Classes as they're released. Learn to earn predictable revenue from home - at your own pace. (Worth over ₹10,000)
4. Get content calendars, marketing challenges, inspiration guides & other content creation tools. (Worth over ₹10,000) 

Giveaway for Below Country Resident
Residents of Taiwan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Italy, Austria, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Greece, France, Japan, Spain, and Czech Republic are not eligible to enter or win

Giveaway End : 5th May, 2020

Click The Link Below To Play Gigsy Giveaway

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