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Flipkart Motorola Edge Plus Quiz Contest Answer Simple Question and Win Motorola Phone FREE. Motorola Introduce New Edge Phone Motorola Edge Plus as Fast Smartphone. As bold as Edge Plus As Loud as Edge Plus as part of the contest flipkart user answer the relevant question for that day there in there will be 8 lucky winners with 3 answer each day for first two day and 2 winners on last day of the contest participate daily Motorola Edge Quiz and win free motorola phone.

Flipkart Motorola Edge Quiz Answer And Win Motorola Phone FREE Answer Here
Quiz 1 : Which Bollywood Star Has The Most Loudest and Powerful Voice
Answer : Amitabh Bachchan

Quiz 2 : Which is The Loudest musical instrument?
Answer : Pipe Organ

Quiz 3 : What is the Loudest sound on Earth?
Answer : Krakatoa Volcano

Quiz 4 : Who is the loudest marvel comic character?
Answer : Black Bolt

Quiz 5 : Which new motorola phone has loudest and powerful stereo sound?
Answer : Motorola Edge Plus 

How To Participate Edge Quiz?
1. Download or Update your Flipkart App Click Here
2. Find The Banner "Motorola Edge Quiz" Contest or Click here
3. Answer Simple 5 Question
4. 8 lucky Winner Win Free Motorola Phone

Winners each day for the first two day 500th 1000th 15000th and 2 Winners on Last Day of Answer will be winners for the day and winners  list will declared on the 10th June, 2020 on Flipkart Mobile.

Contest End : 17th May, 2020

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