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Time to challenge yourself. Can you answer all questions correctly? Contestants with all correct answers stand a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers worth 1,000/-. Share and tag your friends Answer all questions to qualify for winning vouchers. Winner will be chosen through Lucky Draw if there are more than 2 qualifiers All winners selected in the contest must share an ID proof for verification with the team of NASSCOM FutureSkills along with email ID & phone number.

Future Skills Quiz Answer Find Here
Quiz 1 : Which of these is not a type of tool in RPA?
1. OpenSpan 2. UiPath 3. Blue Prism 4. iBot
Correct Answer : 4. iBot

Quiz 2 : What is Citrix Automation not used for?
1. Filling fields 2. Submitting a form 3. Data Entry 4. Data Analysis
Correct Answer : 3. Data Entry

Quiz 3 : Which of these RPA bots is used in the front end?
1. TaskBot 2. MetaBot 3. IQBot 4. iBot
Correct Answer : 3. IQBot

Quiz 4 : Which of these is a Thin Client in RPA?
1. VMware 2. Notepad 3. Wordpad 4. Acrobat Reader
Correct Answer : 1. VMware

Quiz 5 : Which of these is a Thick Client in RPA?
1. Browser 2. ThinkBot 3. Email 4. IM
Correct Answer : 1. Browser

How To Participate Future Skills Quiz Contest?
1. Play Future Skills Quiz Contest Click Here
2. Register Email for the Quiz.
3. Answer All 5 Question Correctly
4. Lucky Winner Win Free Amazon Gift Card Worth Rs 1000

You can only take this quiz once. In case none of the participants get all right answers, the winner will be decided based on the next highest number of right answers given by a team in the least time.

Term & Condition
1. Follow NasscomFutureSkills on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
2. All Question SHould Be Correctly Answered
3. The Contest is open for anyone living in India
4. Note Tag Your Friends and Share/RT/Repost the contest post from social page.

Contest End : 12:00 Noon– 24 June, 2020.

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