Xiaomi Laptop Quiz Answer Win Mi NoteBook 14

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Amazon Xiaomi Laptop Quiz Answer And Win Mi Notebook 14 Laptop FREE
Quiz 1 : Which of the following is the latest addition in Xiaomi products?
Answer : Laptop

Quiz 2 : Which of the following is true about Xiaomi laptop?
Answer : All of the above

Quiz 3 : Xiaomi laptop is integrated with which of the following processor?
Answer : Latest Intel 10th Gen Processor

Quiz 4 : Xiaomi laptops comes loaded with pre-installed windows & office 365.
Answer : True

Quiz 5 : Xiaomi Laptop battery can last up to a maximum of ____ hours.
Answer : 10 Hours

Quiz 6 : Xiaomi laptops with SSD takes less than 20 seconds to boot windows.
Answer : True

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Quiz 1 : For which film did veteran film maker Basu Chatterjee, who passed away on June 4, 2020, win a National Film Award in 1992?
Answer : Durga

Quiz 2 : Kazatomprom from Kazakhstan is the world’s largest producer and seller of what naturally mined item?
Answer : Uranium

Quiz 3 : Which Indian Prime Minister, during a visit in 2000, had inaugurated Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside the Indian Embassy in USA?
Answer : Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Quiz 4 : Which tech company recently launched a new app called ‘Sodar’ which uses AR to visualise social distancing?
Answer : Google

Quiz 5 : Which Indian company made two new additions ‘Dahlia’ and ‘Lily’ to their Bloom fan series in June?
Answer : Usha

How To Participate Amazon Xiaomi Laptop Quiz
1. Download and Sing In Amazon App Click Here
2. Now Scroll Down Banner of "Xiaomi Laptop Quiz"
3. Answer To 5 Question Time correctly to enter the Lucky Draw
4. 2 Lucky Winner Win Free Mi Notebook 14 

Amazon Xiaomi Laptop And Win Mi Notebook 14 Amazon Pay Balance Total 2 Prize that will be given under this contest. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 15th July, 2020

Contest End : 27th June, 2020 11:59 PM

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