GAC MOTOR Contest Win iPhone 12 Pro Max

The sensational Decorate Your GAC MOTOR event has officially begun! There are plenty of surprises waiting for you while you decorate your car! Prizes include the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung S20, and 100 Amazon $100 gift cards. MaalFreeKaa Viewers Lets Start Complete the steps to get a chance to participate in the lucky draw iPhone 12 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S20 and Amazon. Gift Card $100

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How To Win Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max & Samsung S20?
1. Play Decorate GAC Motor Contest Click Here
2. Select items to decorate your poster
3. Click “Next”, then enter your contact details
4. Share the poster on your Facebook page and tag #DecorateYourGACMOTOR
5. Lucky MFK Fan Win iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung S20 & Gift Card $100

Prize Detail of CAG Motor Contest
First Prize: One MFK Fan Get FREE iPhone 12 Pro Max x 1 winner
Second Prize: One MFK Fan Get FREE Samsung S20 x 2 winners
Third Prize: 100 MFK Fan Get FREE Amazon Gift Card Worth $100 USD

Notice for Prizes
Winners will be drawn from the participants. Winners must leave the correct contact information. If you cannot be contacted within seven days after the winners are announced, your winning qualification will be canceled. Winners must publicly share their testimonials and @GAC MOTOR on social media platforms (including but not limited to Facebook) within one week after receiving the prizes. Event prizes cannot be transferred, changed, or redeemed for cash. If the prizes cannot be sent due to delivery issues, product shortage, etc. Organizer reserves the right to change them to prizes of equivalent value.

Contest End : January 3, 2021.

Click The Link Below To Play GAC Motor Contest

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