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Gillette Safalta Apni Muthhi Mein Answer Simple 10 Question to Get Free Assured Gillette Guard Pack. each individual who participate in Registration process through the College Activation Route of Gillette Guard 'SafaltaApniMutthi Mein' in Colleges College Job Test is to be conducted only for Graduation 3rd Year Students and Grand Finale Final Job Test is open for only Selected Candidates. 

Gillette Guard Safalta Apni Muthhi Mein Quiz Answer MaalFreeKaa All Find Here
Quiz 1 : Which of the following is used in pencils?
Answer : Graphite

Quiz 2 : Gillette Guard Blade gives how many shaves?
Answer : 7

Quiz 3 : Hitler's party was also known as -
Answer : Nazi

Quiz 4 : The oldest mountains in India are -
Answer : Aravalis

Quiz 5 : What did Galileo invent?
Answer : Barometer

Quiz 6 : The chief constituent of gobar gas is -
Answer : Methane

Quiz 7 : India's No. 1 selling shaving razor is -
Answer : Gillette Guard

Quiz 8 : The famous Dilwara temples are situated in -
Answer : Rajasthan

Quiz 9 : Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?
Answer : WHO

Quiz 10 : The number of already named bones in human skeleton is -
Answer : 206
How To Part Safalta Apni Muthhi Mein With Sunil Chhatri?
1. Play Gillette Safalta Apni Muthhi Mein Quiz Click Here
2. Register By Google Account, Facebook or Mobile
3. Fill The Form Only College Student Male
4. Watch Video 3 Minute With Sunil Chhatri 
5. Answer All 10 Question Correctly 
6. If your answer all correct you get free sample of Gillette Guard pack
7. Click on The "Collect The Free Gift"
8. Please enter your address details to receive free sample and Upload your College ID Card.

The time limit is 10 minutes. 10  Question Submit the test and get a chance to win a FREE gift!

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