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December 17 and OnePlus’ 7th anniversary are still a few days away, but the fun starts now. From today until December 23, there will be a plethora of exciting content games, badges, recaps about our major 2020 co-creation campaigns, the OnePlus Community Awards 2020 and even some new Community swag! The best part? You can win simply by participating. Check below all the cool events we’ll be hosting. OnePlus User Festival has started! Get limited edition prizes in OnePlus Community. Stay tuned for more offers as OnePlus turns 7 on the 17th! 200 OnePlus Power Banks up for grabs!

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How To Participate OnePlus Prize Carnival?
1. Play The OnePlus Big 7 Festival Click Here
2. By replying in the event thread to participate lucky draw 
3. By daily check-in and daily posting in OnePlus Download App
4. By participating in the OnePlus community carnival games
5. By participating in the RP lucky draw event

It may be our anniversary party, but you’re the one that can get some cool gifts! Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to collect 5x more XP/RP by posting and checking in daily. But keep in mind, simultaneously, Breaking the forum rules will also lose 5 times more points than usual as well. You’ll also get extra RP by participating in specific threads, games and raffles. Then, on December 23, if you stack up enough RP, you can exchange it directly for some amazing prizes – from OnePlus store voucher to exclusive gifts you can only get from this event.

Event Start : 17th December

Click The Link Below To Play OnePlus Big 7 Festival

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