Prize Wali Paathshala Answer & Win Exciting Prizes Worth Lakh

Flipkart Video Prize Wali Paathshala New Game Show Answer And Win Exciting Prize Everyday Worth Lakh. Prize Wali Paathshala Hosted By Sugandha Mishra as Sonam, & Garvit as Chintu. Garvit Pareek hai teacher aur sugandha  hai student! Yeh kaunsa hai naya school ka formula? Stay tuned for Flipkart Video's latest game show, Prize Wali Paathshala! MaalFreeKaa always try to share fast update about online contest and free sample. Prize Wali Paathshala is an interactive quiz show where a child prodigy Chintu helps an older Student Sonam learn about their  favorite topics including school subjects general knowledge and Bollywood user will get a chance to play along and win Prizes worth Lakh.

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 15th Dec Win Prizes iPhon XR, E1; The Paathshaala Begins!
1. How many times was battle of Panipat fought?
Answer : 3 

2. How long does solar eclipse last
Answer : 7.5 minutes

3. Which of these is not transmitted by mosquitoes
Answer : Cholera

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 16th Dec Win Prizes Fujifilm Camera, E2; Saphed Ke Anek Rang
1. Which city is called white city of rajasthan?
Answer : Udaipur

2. The colour white is a mixture of what colours
Answer : All of these

3. Which of these rivers flow through India is longest
Answer : Indus

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 17th Dec Win Prizes Fujifilm Camera, E3: Dakshina Ganga
1. How many union territory are there in India
Answer : 8

2. Which river is also known as dakshina ganga
Answer : Godavari

3. Who is known as father of economics
Answer : Adam Smith

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 18th Dec Win Prizes Fujifilm Camera, E4: World War II
1. How long did world war II last for?
Answer : 6 Years

2. Which is the longest and largest bone in human body?
Answer : Femur

3. Which system is responsible for secretion of hormones
Answer : Endocrine System

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 19th Dec Win Prizes Narzo 10A, E5: First Commander in chief
1. Who was the first president of India
Answer : Rajendra Prasad

2. Where is India's largest container port located
Answer : Navi Mumbai

3. Which is the worlds tallest water falls
Answer : Angel Falls

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 20th Dec Win Prizes Fujifilm Camera, E6: Ocean Ka Giant
1. Which is the world’s largest mammal?
Answer : Blue Whale

2. Which is the longest snake in the world?
Answer : Reticulated Python

3. Which is the largest country in the world by area?
Answer : Russia

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 21st Dec Win Prizes realme C3, E7: Khoya Khoya Chand
1. Which is the largest bird in the world
Answer : Ostrich

2. Who was the founder of Mughal empire
Answer : Babur

3. Which planet has most number of moons
Answer : Saturn

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 22nd Dec Win Prizes Fujifilm Camera, E8: SRK Special
1. Which country has the highest number of active volcanoes
Answer : Indonesia

2. Which is the oldest political party in India
Answer : INC (Indian National Congress)

3. What is SRK debut movie?
Answer : Deewana

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 23rd Dec Win Prizes Redmi 9i , E8: Miss Universe on Earth?
1. Which of these has highest density
Answer : Water

2. Germanys invasion of which country started world war 2
Answer : Poland

3. Which country won the max number of miss universe titles
Answer : United States

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 24th Dec Win Prizes Fujifilm Camera, E8: Sallu Bhai
1. What’s Salman Khan’s debut movie
Answer : Biwi ho to aisi

2. Who’s known as missile woman of India
Answer : Tessy Thomas

3. Which of these Indian state share border with only one state
Answer : Sikkim

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 25th Dec Win Prizes realme C3, E8: Batman of the night
1. Deficiency of what causes night blindness
Answer : Vitamin A

2. Which instrument measures distance traveled wheel
Answer : Odometer

3. Which of these awards is given fr excellence in internet
Answer : Webby Awards

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 26th Dec Win Prizes Instex Camera E8: Chess - India Pride
1. Which of these board games was invented in India?
Answer : Chess

2. Which planet in our solar system has the largest ring system?
Answer : Saturn

3. Which is the largest Indian state by area?
Answer : Rajasthan

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 27th Dec Win Prizes realme watch S Pro E9: Birth of Indian Constitution
1. Who is chairman of drafting committee
Answer : Dr B.R. Ambedkar

2. Which is also known as golden fiber
Answer : Jute

3. Which antibiotic was discovered by alexander flaming
Answer : Pencilin

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 28th Dec Win Prizes Camera E10: Journey of Sun To Earth
1. Sunlight takes how many minutes to reach the earth
Answer : 8 minutes

2. Who’s the first Indian to win Oscar
Answer : Bhanu Athiya

3. Normally which of these would be largest in size
Answer : Asteroids

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 29th Dec Win Prizes redmi 9i E11: Atmanirbhar Bharath
1. Which of these zodiac sign is denoted by goat
Answer : Capricorn

2. Which of these events in Indian history happened first
Answer : Swadeshi Movement

3. In which Olympic event participants cover most distance
Answer : 50 km walk

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 30th Dec Win Prizes Camera E12: Chatur Chintu & filmy Sonam
1. Which of these agreements was signed between India Bangladesh in 1971
Answer : Shimla Agreement

2. What is the minimum age to become member of Rajaye Sabha
Answer : 30 Years

3. Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened in which year
Answer : 1919

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 31st Dec Win Prizes realme C3 E13: Instagram ka Birthday
1. In which year was Instagram launched
Answer : 2010

2. Which is world’s first trillion dollar company
Answer : Apple

3. During what time world War 1 was fought
Answer : 1914-1918

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 1st Jan Win Prizes Camera E18:Banana is a Berry
1. According to last census which Indian state has the lowest population?
Answer : Sikkim

2. Botanically speaking which of following state is a berry?
Answer : Banana

3. Which of these Indian monuments is the oldest?
Answer : Ajanta Caves

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 2nd Jan Win Prizes Headset E19: Three States of Matter
1. Sound travels faster in which of these
Answer : Solid

2. Which of these dance forms has three
Answer : Kathak

3. Which of these can be eaten as vegetable
Answer : Potato

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 3rd Jan Win Prizes Headset E20: Beauty & Beyond
1. How many years did shah jahan take to complete taj mahal
Answer : 22 Years

2. First Indian actress to receive padma shri award
Answer : Nargis Dutt

3. Who is first Indian to win Olympic medals
Answer : Karna Malleshwari

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 4th Jan Win Prizes Headset E21:  Log of the rings
1. Which of these is found most in cng
Answer : Methane

2. Which of these can hear soundds in frequency range
Answer : All of these

3. How can trees age be counted
Answer : Trunk Rings

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 5th Jan Win Prizes Speaker E22: Daya Darwaza Tod Do!
1. Who wrote vande maataram
Answer : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

2. Which of these dance form is originated from Kerala
Answer : Kathakali

3. What is full form of cid
Answer : Criminal Investigation Department

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 6th Jan Win Prizes Headset E23:Shatabdi Express
1. Which of the following is odd pair
Answer : Parineeti & Priyanka Chopra

2. To mark whose 100th birth anniversary indian railway started Satabdi express
Answer : Jawaharlal Nehru

3. Which name is not of smart assistant
Answer : Oculus

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 7th Jan Win realme watch S Headset E24: Eath's Sun-Screen
1. Leader of 1857 revolt
Answer : Begum Hazrat Mahal

2. Ozone is made up of how many atoms of oxygen
Answer : 3

3. Sides dodecagon
Answer : 12

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 8th Jan Win realme band E25: Crown'ora Virus
1. What is perimeter of circle
Answer : Circumference

2. What does the word corona mean
Answer : Crown

3. Which river meets alakananda at Devprayag
Answer : Bhagirathi

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 9th Jan Win realme S Pro E26: Earth Vs Mars?
1. Land mass of earth
Answer : Mars

2. Core elements of electromagnet
Answer : Iron

3. Full form of  ATM
Answer : Automated Teller Machine

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 10th Jan Win realme band E27: Kashmir Se Kanyakumari
1. Which of these rivers originates and terminates within India?
Answer : Chambal

2. In which year Facebook was founded
Answer : 2004

3. Where is the smallest bone in human body found
Answer : Ears

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 11th Jan Win realme band E28: Th Mughal Era
1. Which of these cities was the first capital of Mughal Empire
Answer : Agra

2. Ursa major and Ursa minor are common name of which animal
Answer : Bear

3. Triangle having same three sides and exactly same three angle
Answer : Congruent

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 12th Jan Win realme band E29: Mangal Mangal
1. Which of these ratios is the same as 2:3?
Answer : 6:9

2. 2. Which of these gods is primarily worshipped at the Tirumala temple at Tirupati?
Answer : Vishnu

3. At which tow did Mangal Pandey attack British soldiers triggering the 1857 revolt?
Answer : Barrackpore

Prize Wali Paathshala Answer 13th Jan Win realme band E30: Jhansi Ki Rani
1. In which place laxmi by died fighting
Answer : Gwalior

2. Which mythological weapon is found in the param vir chakra
Answer : Vajra

3. Which animal is found in national emblem
Answer : Horse
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