Upload Your Design and Win iPhone 12 or $3000 Prizes

Mockitt iPhone 12 Giveaway As designers, one day you'll find someone who appreciate just how amazing you are We hold this contest for you to show your talent in design Once the work is uploaded, it can directly enter into the voting part. MaalFreeKaa The faster you hand in your work, the earlier you can get votes. Upload Your Design and Win iPhone 12 or $3000 Prizes!

How To Win Free iPhone 12 and More Prizes?
1. Participate Mockitt iPhone 12 Giveaway Click Here
2. Create Prototypes or Screens & Upload it
3. Share this page on social media, invite people to view your design and vote for you! The final score will be based on the counts of View, Like, and Save
4. Lucky Winner Win Free iPhone 12 and more prizes

he final score of each work will be calculated by 3 elements: Likes, Views & Saved Counts. The overall score = Likes*50% + Views*30% + Saved Counts*20%. The uploaded works must be original, must not infringe the intellectual property rights and any other rights of any third party. Once a participant finds plagiarism, will be disqualified from the competition We will contact the winners and participants within 15 days when the contest finishes, please remember to check your email and make sure that you provide the true information. Unlimited entries can be uploaded from the same account. All the entries will get voted respectively.

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Giveaway for All (International Giveaway)
Residents of all countries of the world with the exception of residents of USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Landon, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Zamia, Jamaica, South Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Morocco & Vietnam Belarus, Burma, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe, or any United States of America Sanctioned Country, and/or countries that prohibit participation in online giveaways. All federal, state and local, provincial, city and municipal laws and regulations apply.

Giveaway End : 31st January 2021

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