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Flipkart Crime Stories - Khoj Apradhi Ki Watch a new case every day, play along by spotting clues and helping suspects prove their innocence while you win exciting prizes!​ A byte sized murder mystery which dramatizes a real topical crime and allows the viewer to play detective the suspects are put in the interrogation room where the argue with each other and try to protect themselves with alibis allegations arguments or find the killer amidst them. Play Flipkart Video Crime Stories - Khoj Apradhi Ki.

Flipkart Crime Stories Today Answer 13th March Episode : 1 Win Exciting Prizes
1. Which is not present on evidence table
Answer : Storage Room Keys

2. Who is definitely innocent
Answer : Omkar

3. Who is the killer
Answer : Parbatiya
How To Play Crime Stories Video Contest?
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3. Answer Few Simple Question Correctly
4. Win Smartphone, Flipkart Gift Voucher, and Free SuperCoins Assured.

Flipkart Video Present Crime Stories - Khoj Apradhi Ki Win Exciting Prizes Daily. From the monitor room inspector Vikrant reads their faces, personalities and body language from the monitor room to stitch their stories together & visualize the crime scene.

Contest End : 30th April

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