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Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu - AASHIRVAAD Advantage

Get your AASHIRVAAD advantage every week one AASHIRVAAD consumer will get a chance to be on the hot seat at Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu Participation in this Campaign is purely voluntary Participants can register to participate in the Campaign by giving a missed phone call on 9603496034 from any phone number registered in India. Participants must also have a valid number on WhatsApp to participate in this Campaign. For multiple entries (repeat users), Participants can type in “AASHIRVAAD”

How To Participate AASHIRVAAD Contest
1. Give a Missed Call +91- 96034 96034
2. Missed call from your register WhatsApp
3. You Got WhatsApp Message Follow Instruction 
4. Buy Any AASHIRVVAAD Pack And Click The Selfie
5. Send To WhatsApp Message your Selfie With AASHIRVAD Pack

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For multiple entries (repeat users), Participants can type in “AASHIRVAAD” in the same WhatsApp Chat Window to restart the Campaign (or) upon giving a missed call to 9603496034, the missed call will generate an SMS containing a link to restart the Participation in the WhatsApp chat window. 16. Incomplete and invalid entries which are not in the format specified in the WhatsApp messages will not be considered a valid entry. In such a situation, the Participant will receive a message to resubmit the entry as per the required format. Once the Participant gives the missed phone call on 9603496034, the Participant will receive a notification on WhatsApp acknowledging their participation read here.

 The Campaign is open only for Indian citizens who are currently residing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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