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Korea Challenge Contest Win Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

This festive season, ride the Hallyu wave with us and participate in our very exciting KChallenge. This fun-filled contest has something for all K-Culture fans from Kpop and Kdramas to Kfood to the very popular K-beauty! Not only you will have a great time with these challenges, you can also Win amazing prizes like a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung Galaxy Watch or these fabulous K-Trend Boxes and more prizes

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How To Participate Korea Challenge Contest?
1. Play K-Challenge Contest Click Here
2. There 6 Contest Live You Can Play And Win Big Prizes

1. Contest Show your K-Love!
Watch our KXperience videos. Make your own versions and post on FB/ Instagram/ Twitter/ YouTube using #KXperience and the hashtags mentioned below. Win fab prizes!

2. Contest Get ready to dance!
Step 1: Watch the video featuring Alexa & Shraey Khanna
Step 2: Make your song/dance covers or reaction videos using the song Xtra by Alexa
Step 3: Post on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kpop

3. Contest Stir up something tasty!
 Step 1: Watch your favourite celeb enjoying K-food
Step 2 : Make a dish inspired by the video or a dish from book Korean Cooking for Indian Homes.
Step 3: ⇲Download a copy of the book here.
Step 4: Post cooking/food tasting videos/pictures on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kfood

4. Contest Get gorgeous!
Step 1: Watch the K-Beauty talk studio
Step 2: Show us your K-Beauty routine or experience
Step 3: Post makeup or skincare videos/pictures on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kbeauty

5. Contest Show your love for K-Stories!
Step 1: Watch the K-Drama talk studio
Step 2:  Act out a K-Drama scene or dress up as a character
Step 3: Post videos/pictures on your social media using #KXperience & #mykchallenge_kdrama

6. Contest K-Travel Survey
Take the K travel survey and get a chance to win Korean goody bags.Tell us what you think about Korea after watching our videos. Get lucky! Click Here

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) New Delhi office is responsible for promoting South Korea as a travel destination in India and neighboring countries; and we'd like to understand your preferences to help us bring to you the best of travel, culture and entertainment experiences, for a great trip to South Korea! 

Click The Link Below To Play Korea Challenge & Win Big

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