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Buy Nestle Milkmaid Promo Pack and SMS LOT Number to get chance to win Free Wonderchef OVEN Worth Rs 5000/- Nestlé Milkmaid Wonderchef OVEN Free Promo - Tin Pack, 400 g All IPR rights including trademark, copyright and designs used are the property of their respective owners

Milkmaid Promo Get Chance To Win FREE Prize
How To Get Free OVEN?
1. Buy Nestle Milkmaid Promo Pack Tin 400g Click Here
2. Find Lots Number on Nestle Milkmaid Promo Pack
3. Type LOT NO. SMS to 70906 70906
4. 828 Lucky MFK Winners Win WonderChef Oven Worth Rs 5000

These terms and conditions apply to the "Win with MILKMAID Program" program for consumers (hereinafter referred to as Program") sponsored and launched by Nestle India Ltd wherein consumers can participate by sending an SMS with LOT NO. printed on the pack in the following format: SMS LOT No. to 70906 70906 If any shortlisted winner remains unreachable on the third attempt or is not interested in continuing in the Program or is otherwise ineligible to participate, the Agency shall conduct up to 3  (3) more random selections to shortlist a Participant. If even after a third random selection, no winner is selected, no prize shall be declared in respect of the Program.

 During the Program Period, winners will be selected for Wonderchef Oven Prize ( Click Here )every hour (from 9AM to 9PM) for the Program period of 61 days (5th September to 4th November, inclusive of both dates). Therefore, there will be total of 828 such prizes which will be declared during the Program period.

Contest End : 4th Nov, 2021

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