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Google Pay (GPay) Festive Quiz Answer All Question Correctly Get Assure Reward or Cashback. Google Pay Fan Wall Quiz Answers added below on this dedicated google pay quiz page. if you are a user of the google pay payment app then definitely you know about the google pay festive quiz which is called the google pay fan wall quiz is started during this festive Diwali season. This google pay quiz is started on 2nd November 2021 & this contest will end after 13 days on 14th November 2021.

Google Pay (Gpay) Festive Quiz 2nd Nov Answer & Win Prizes Join Telegram For Fast Answer

1. What is a Cricket Ball Made Out Of?
Answer : Cork, String and Leather

2. How Many Days before Diwali, is Dhanteras Celebrated?
Answer : 2 

3. Which team won the First T20 World Cup Title?
Answer : India

4. Which of the following activities would you NOT associate with Dhanteras?
Answer : Buying a X-Mas Tree

5.Who scored the first ever century in 2007 T20 World Cup?
Answer : Chris Gayle

Google Pay (Gpay) Festive Quiz 3rd Nov Answer & Win Prizes Join Telegram For Fast Answer
1. Who was the Indian captain when we won the cricket World Cup in 1983
Answer : Kapil Dev

2. Which two Historical icons of India does Diwali celebrate the return of?
Answer : Ram and Sita

3. How many types of World cups are there in World Cricket?
Answer : Two – 50 over and 20 over

4. Which of the following do we not light up on Diwali ?
Answer : Water balloons

5. What is the middle name of Sachin Tendulkar?
Answer : Ramesh

Google Pay (Gpay) Festive Quiz 4th Nov Answer & Win Prizes
1. Which Of These Not A Way Of Getting Out In Cricket?
Answer : Talking To The Umpire

2. The Name Diwali Is Derived From Sanksrit. What Is It Called In English?
Answer : Rows Of Lights
3. Which Of The Following Sweets Is Unlikely To Be Eaten On Diwali?
Answer : Cheesecake

4. How Many Times India Won T20 World Cup?
Answer : Once

5. What Does Kollam, Alpana, Jhoti Have In Common?
Answer : Make Rangoli
Google Pay Win Reward or Cashback Assured
How To Play Diwali Quiz Contest on Google Pay?
1. Download or Update Your Google Pay App Click Here
2. Register or Login Your Google Pay Account
3. Click on "Fan Wall" and Select Festive Quiz
4. Answer All Question Correctly 
5. Lucky MFK Winners win Gift Vouchers, Reward and Cashback.

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Contest End : 14th Nov.

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